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PV-43 Marcel Sletten - Lamb **NEW**
PV-42 Crime Friend - Vol. 2 **NEW**
PV-41 Nick Harley - Leave No Trace
PV-40 Banned 37 - Banned 37
PV-39 Ruby of Thanks - In Another World
PV-38 Fishbowl Prairie - The World is Drenched in Velveteen Clouds
PV-37 Dividers - One More Expensive Kissoff
PV-36 Marcel Sletten - Mammatus Clouds
PV-35 Crime Friend - Vol. 1
PV-34 Memory Leaks Onto The Rug - Form
PV-33 Dj Würm - Frogs of Confusedness
PV-32 Mondo Lava - Mondi Perdutti
PV-31 Ubaldo - la nit és fosca, però estic bé
PV-30 Harshest Realm - Out for Justice 2
PV-29 Bloria's Voice - Floral Feelings
PV-28 Can't Read - Mind's Eye
PV-27 L. Horvath - Pelts
PV-26 Speck - Speck
PV-25 Dividers - Crime of Passion
PV-24 Little Wings - Last
PV-23 Marcel Sletten - Irish Words and a Bottle of Myrrh
PV-22 Twig Harper - Two Variations for the Shadow of the Absolute
PV-21 hunterc44t & Finlay Clark - Dana Rosa
PV-20 Marcel Sletten - Vicious Kisses
PV-19 Lockbox - Spiritual Malware
PV-18 Cucina Povera - Lumme
PV-17 Roxane Métayer - Paroles Cavernicoles
PV-16 Marcel Sletten - California Delta Blues
PV-15 Dividers - Once More with Feeling
PV-14 Kentaro Minoura - 御​徒​街​徒​御
PV-13 Marcel Sletten - Marcel Sletten
PV-12 Susu Laroche - Incivility
PV-11 Oï les Ox - Crooner qui coule sous les clous
PV-10 Shabbat - Morning in America
PV-09 Kool Music - Zen Guitar
PV-08 shiwashiwa - I'm Here
PV-07 Kentaro Minoura - 今​戸​焼
PV-06 Castlegate - Children of the Sandman's Sperm
PV-05 MūT - SanTanDer
PV-04 Lockbox - Neo Druid
PV-03 emamouse - Eye Cavity
PV-02 Lockbox - Scorpio
PV-01 V/A - Primordial Chaos