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Primordial Void is a label and multidisciplinary collective founded in Lodi, California, in 2018 by Marcel Sletten. Currently based in Athens, Georgia, it is dedicated to publishing digital, physical, and metaphysical editions of music and visual art.

Active contributors include Sletten, Samuel Miller (Dividers, Shabbat), Will Simpson (Crime Friend), Reed Winckler, Jackson McLendon, Laszlo Horvath, Lawrence Moody (Dividers, Forrest Conifer), Kenneth Aguar (Banned 37), Noah (Fishbowl Prairie), Sophia Rubin, Andreu G. Serra (Ubaldo), Oliver Domingo, Garret Kriston (Harshest Realm), Susu Laroche, Kyle Field (Little Wings), Marc Matchak, and Jack Callahan. Chairs, PV's in-house recording project, lists Sletten, Miller, McLendon, and Domingo as members.

As an event series, PV has hosted performers such as Water From Your Eyes, Jeffrey Lewis & the Voltage, DJ Python, MSPAINT, Sword II, Melaina Kol, April Magazine, Godcaster, Gobby, Tredici Bacci, Unrecovery, Klark Sound, Magic Tuber Stringband, John Kiran Fernandes & Shane Parish, Immaterial Possession, Bug Bus Piano, Theodore Cale Schafer & Sydney Spann, Jack Callahan & Jeff Witscher, VALISE, and Antlered Aunt Lord.

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