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Dividers - Crime of Passion

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Track Listing

  1. Easy Chair (4:43)
  2. Spun Out (5:37)
  3. You Win Again (3:18)
  4. The Path (4:02)
  5. Covid Nineteen Blues (2:57)
  6. Wichita Reflection (7:33)
  7. Don't Blow Out That Candle (4:00)
  8. Hometown Hoedown Side B (Drifting Too Far From the Shore) (12:08)*

* Download-only bonus mix

Release Date June 17, 2022
Catalog Number PV-25
Format CS / DL

The second release from L.A.-based Dividers represents a foray into uncharted territory for the increasingly overwrought "Cosmic American" movement. While echoes of bittersweet honky-tonk balladry are still present, Crime of Passion refuses to coddle the listener, weaving together a variety of disparate styles into one relentless continuum, a surrealistic vision of modern decay and apocalyptic love.