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hunterc44t & Finlay Clark - Dana Rosa

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Track Listing

  1. New to hell 2 (8:14)
  2. 2 Versions (4:43)
  3. My Love (5:06)
  4. Ryder (4:58)

Release Date October 8, 2021
Catalog Number PV-21
Format Digital

The first release from collaborators hunterc44t (Vera Karlsson) and Finlay Clark (Still House Plants), Dana Rosa melds together a smeared and multi-directional cauldron of soulful drone, whispers of the heart, ear-splitting bedroom-angst, meandering electronics and playful percussive textures made by dragging the mic around the studio.

It was a shared studio in south London. The glass ceiling drank in the sunlight and held its heavy pregnant body suspended, buoyant, in the air. There were gaps in the broken bricks and glass that allowed a corporeal torrent of dried, anfractuous brambles and ivy to dominate the airspace like blind aliens. Birds fed their young in the nest situated amongst the drill bits. The young were soon starved to death by the occupant cuckoo that also hatched there. The coffee was so strong that it seemed to push the sweat out and the heavy air held my hand like a lost child looking for someone, anyone, in this tired and incessant oblivion.