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Kool Music - Zen Guitar

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Track Listing

  1. Sand Fly (2:47)
  2. Mean Ruins (3:04)
  3. The Great Advantage (3:01)
  4. Lisbon (3:00)
  5. Sacrifice (2:56)
  6. Roman Columns (3:02)
  7. Sarah Nile (3:09)
  8. Yellow River (3:05)
  9. Red Horses (3:05)
  10. New Birth (2:57)
  11. Roses and Bamboo (3:05)
  12. Pity and Rage (2:44)
  13. Cajun Moon (3:07)
  14. Grand Teton Mountains (3:11)

Release Date August 14, 2020
Catalog Number PV-09
Format CD / Digital

‘If you want to climb a mountain begin at the top.' Glasgow based Kool's solo guitar is Mother Teresa meets Jimi Hendrix as an old man: 'Drink a glass of wine after your soup and you will be stealing a ruble from the doctor.' His tongue stuck out like a dragon's drouth. Be dumb, be dumb, ye inharmonious sounds. The Kool monk offers Peace. During a recent interview he has said that when he was six years old he saw a bear feeding on a deer with bloody red lips on the mountain and an angel dressed in blue said: 'Keep climbing when you reach the top.'